Ryham Ahmed Abd Ellatif


Ryham ahmed is a Highly motivated and enthusiastic Meta EFT Master therapist and Meta EFT trainer passionate in guide clients to reach their highest and best advancement , help them to come over their life threatening and get the happiness mental state to achieve their goals Certified coach and therapist for over 8 years ( starting her career at 2010 ) Expert in using the therapy tools ( Time line therapy – Neuro semantics – EFT – NLP – Meta health – peat – enlightenment – EMO - …..etc ) to change the blocking believe system that prevent the client from achieve the life goals in order to heal negative believes with a highly intuition to focus on the root cause to reveal and release the main issue. Using Meta health and constellation diagnose to access more information about the real emotional reason behind the problem., to get rid of the blocking believes which is causes disease specialized in Emotional Freedom, relationship coaching and personal growth Designs own program to reveal the real personal depth “self exploration” and meta change program “the change before the change” based on EFT program approaches the client to find the power to change his conditions by changing inner self and reaching the freedom to follow one heart’s choice